Let’s face it – eSports are a big deal. It’s just damn good fun to smoke your opponent in a competitive online match. Those of us that have played it, get it – the rush of that amazing headshot, lane-pull, zerg-rush or card-draw that brings you back to life.

But…. it’s such a big deal that the playing field is no longer level. Many of us that play online will be familiar with the feeling of being matched against someone that has clearly spent a lot more hours playing than we have. Losing again and again and again is just no fun.

That’s where we come in. We create ‘social’ eSports. Think of it like your local sporting club or stadium where you get together with your friends that are a similar skill level and compete to see who has the edge. Competing for bragging rights is a great way to spend a few hours a week.

We encourage you to join one of our league’s so that we can get you started. Do this through the Discussion forums – just follow the guides.

So get on board, participate, compete and have a great time!

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